Creating a Trellis from an Old Clothes Rack

I mentioned before that I like to re-purpose things.   Actually I might have said reuse, but you get my drift.  This week’s project has been waiting a few months.  I finally jumped on it after watching how to make trellises the square foot gardening way.  I am really into square foot gardening, although I have an in ground garden at my own home.

It began with a post on our local Beg Borrow Barter page on facebook by my friend Gini.  The Samaritan Inn Thirft Store had an old clothes rack out front for free.  I knew at once it belonged in my vegetable garden, I just didn’t know how.  I planned to go vertical as much as possible this year so I was hoping to grow my squash and zucchini up and over it.  I wasn’t sure how to do this at first.  I was afraid the metal would burn the tender growth in the sun.  So I thought maybe I could wrap the poles with jute to give them something to grab on and it wouldn’t be so hot.  After watching some SFG videos I knew I needed to make a trellis.  Typically they’re made with nylon string, but I had the jute so that’s what I used.

Here’s the clothes rack before I got to work.


I tied vertical strings to the top bar using my judgement on the spaces in between.

There's my "helper" in the background.

There’s my “helper” in the background.

I then tied the vertical strings to one horizontal string tied very tightly at the bottom of the rack.  It bowed a little but hey, it’s home made, it’s not going to be perfect.


Then I wove the horizontal strings in by wrapping the string around each vertical junction to ensure they would be able to support the veggie weight without sliding.  After I did the one side, I switched to the other side and did the same thing, although much quicker!


It looks kind of like a soccer goal.

I plan to make one long hill on each side of the trellis each for squash and zucchini. I have yet to figure out how to secure it to the ground so suggestions are welcome.


Ready for planting.


Re-purposing is an amazing feeling!  I will post pics of this when the veg is growing on the vine!

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